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Wouldn't It Be Cool If... The Cantaloupe Rap

by Tara DeGeorges | 0 Comments
Wouldn't It Be Cool If... The Cantaloupe Rap

In January, entertainer invited us to his Los Angeles home to film a Public Service Announcement with him for Wouldn’t It Be Cool If…

Presented by Time Warner Cable’s Connect a Million Minds and FIRST -- founded by -- Wouldn’t It Be Cool If… challenges kids to dream up cool invention ideas that can make life more AWESOME and share how math and science can bring them to life.

As if it wasn’t cool enough that we were invited to’s pad, we got to bring two special guests with us: sixth graders Ma’Kese Wesley and Isis Thompson from Kansas City, MO. Ma’Kese and Isis are members of ACE Robotic Scholars, a FIRST Lego League (FLL) team comprised of students from the Afrikan Centered Education Collegium Campus. The team invented the “UVC Light Sanitizing Lunchbox,” a lunchbox that kills up to 99% of bacteria on fruits and vegetables after learning about a deadly outbreak of listeria in cantaloupes.

We invited these ladies to participate in our video shoot because we knew that their story would inspire kids their age to dream up inventions that could make a difference in their lives, communities, or even the world.

What you don’t see in this Wouldn’t It Be Cool If… video featuring Ma’ Kese is the magic moment that happened between her teammate Isis and off set. During the shoot, heard that Isis and the ACE Robotic Scholars had written “Cantaloupe Rap,” a song about the FLL team’s listeria-zapping lunchbox. Not only were the lyrics to “Cantaloupe Rap” fresh… they had a step routine to go along with them!

After hearing Isis perform the rap, couldn’t resist bringing her into his at-home recording studio. In a matter of minutes Isis was in Will’s recording booth, rhyming “Cantaloupe Rap” to beats mixed by the Black Eyed Peas front man. After their session, Will showed Isis how his mixing boards and music software worked, reminding her that behind every piece of music, there’s math and science at play. Watch these never-before-seen clips of and Isis in the recording studio:

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