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We've Made Changes to Site Accounts

by Tara DeGeorges | 0 Comments
We've Made Changes to Site Accounts

Looking to sign into your Connect a Million Minds account? We've made some changes.

We have disabled all Connect a Million Minds (CAMM) user accounts created before September 19, 2012. Don't be alarmed -- you can still interact with us like you used to do -- we've just made your experience on our site a bit simpler.

Why Did We Remove User Accounts?

We wanted to make it easier for users to take the CAMM pledge to connect the young people in their lives to hands-on learning opportunities. Unlike before, users are now permitted to pledge without having to create an account with us.

What other changes should I look for?

  • We've redesigned our pledge form. Users are invited to take the pledge for the first time, or pledge again if they have already done so. After pledging, you may opt into receiving e-mails from CAMM
  • If you've opted in the past to receive e-mails from us, you will continue to receive them. To manage your e-mail preferences, click on the "manage my subscription settings" link in the footer of any e-mail you receive from us.
  • You will no longer be able to "save" Connectory opportunities into your account, but rather e-mail them to yourself or a friend by clicking the "Share This Opportunity" link that appears in any Connectory search result.

Have questions about these site changes? Don't hesitate to contact us.