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Children's Aid Society Gets STEM Tour of NY1 News Facility

by Tara DeGeorges | 0 Comments

This summer, we invited students from the Children's Aid Society (CAS) to tour our NY1 News studio, headquarters for the Time Warner Cable owned and operated news channel located in lower Manhattan, N.Y.

Children's Aid Society is one of six afterschool programs that we and the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development rewarded with a "STEM Challenge Grant." The non-profit was recognized with this grant for its innovative afterschool program that connects kids to STEM through activities like animation, robotics, gardening and cooking. Funds will serve more than 120 youth participants in the afterschool initiative.

To enhance the grant experience, we invited 20 CAS students to tour our NY1 News facility so that they could learn about about the STEM behind news production, and meet NY1 employees who use science in their work. Students toured all aspects of the news operation and met with key players behind and in front of the camera -- from news director Dan Jacobson to morning anchor Adehmar Montange. They also spent time with electrical engineer Berenice Herskovits. A passionate problem solver from an early age, Berenice shared how her job at NY1 relies on a solid STEM foundation:

"At NY1, I troubleshoot everything that could possibly break: cameras, computers, control room equipment, microphones, speakers, TV sets, graphics devices, power switches. Right now we’re building a new control room. So I’m taking what we bought, planning it out, documenting it with drawings, making all the connections, and making it communicate with our old equipment. I have to keep the future in mind: make the design fully high definition capable and think about what else we might buy."

Berenice also encouraged students from Children's Aid Society to explore the opportunities that engineering, as well as other STEM pathways, can offer to kids now and in the future:

"If you study engineering, you can do it all. You will understand the world at large better. It makes you a better thinker, and gets you to focus on what’s important in any situation, country, or context. Go to Radio Shack, kids, and get started ASAP!"

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