From downforce to drafting, physics powers some of racing’s top maneuvers. See how science helps put the pedal to the metal.

More on the Science of Racing

Did you know that the car you drive and a race car are both powered by the same conversion of energy, from potential to kinetic? Or that it would take approximately six regular car engines to match the 850 horses under a race car's hood?

One way to jump start your middle schooler’s science learning is by showing them how physics concepts like these fuel some of racing’s top maneuvers.

Download this educator-created learning guide to find activities and games that get your kids amped about the science of the speedway. You'll understand why Jeff Gordon wants the force with him in a corner at 180 miles per hour and the more you play, the more you and your child will understand how physics fuels this high octane sport.

For Parents & Educators

These games and other activities will help you inspire your kids to learn more about math and science through racing.

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