From using geometry to determine the angle of a swing, to calculating birdies, pars and bogies, math is critical to staying competitive in golf.

More on the Science of Golf

When you were learning math in school, did you ever think it would eventually help your golf game? Take a close look and you’ll see that algebra and geometry are everywhere on the green. From relying on distance metrics to see how far to hit a ball, to knowing how numbers correspond to birdies, pars and bogies ... players must have a solid foundation in math to compete in a game of 18 holes. It even factors in to selecting the right club; each is engineered with a different loft, or angle, for hitting balls various distances and trajectories.

You don’t need to be a golf pro to help your kids get excited about the math and science of golf. Take some time and review the games in our downloadable Golf Learning Guide and then tee up the one that will help you and your family discover the STEM behind this sport.

For Parents & Educators

These games and other activities will help you inspire your kids to learn more about math and science through golf.

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