From the angle of a winning throw to the acceleration of a wide receiver, STEM principles are an important part of the football playbook.

More on the Physics of Football

Did you ever think that watching a football game could be an exciting way to introduce your middle-schooler to physics and connect him or her to STEM? Even if you’re not an NFL coach or a scientist, you can still use football to provide some great examples of the basic concepts of physics.

When you watch a quarterback throw a perfect spiral, see a wide receiver sprint past a defender, or root for a touchdown-saving tackle, you are witnessing principles of physics, such as energy in motion and the transfer of energy. By playing our downloadable football games with your child, you can explore this branch of science in a fun and exciting way.

You'll quickly see that the more you play, the more you and your child will discover the many ways that science is an integral part of sports.

For Parents & Educators

These games and other activities will help you inspire your kids to learn more about math and science through football.

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