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These games and activities will help you inspire your kids to learn more about math and science through the sports you both love.


Behind every top seed and grand slam victory, STEM is at play. Explore the science of the game with your kids by graphing the tennis court, simulating a kinetic chain reaction with everyday items and more.

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In hockey, STEM helps you score. You and your kids can learn more about the math and science principles on the ice with these fun activities.

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Basketball is math and science in motion. You and your kids can learn more about the various STEM principles involved in a game of hoops with these family activities.

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Physics and geometry play a large part in football. Learn the scientific principles key to the game and use them to lead fun games like "Football Bingo" with your kids.

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Get schooled on the science behind a game of 18 holes, from the aerodynamics of a golf ball to the physics of a golf swing. Then, grab the family for a game of “Caddie’s Choice” and other fun activities.

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From drafting to slingshots, physics powers some of racing’s top moves. Learn the science of the speedway and then use it to play “Pit Crew Challenge” and other games with your kids.

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