Time Warner Cable's

It Ain’t
Rocket Science


Hosted by NY1 News technology reporter Adam Balkin, It Ain't Rocket Science is an award-winning TV digest that highlights efforts to engage young people around learning opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). From visiting science museums and robotics competitions to meeting influencers in science and technology, It Ain't Rocket Science introduces parents and kids alike to some of the coolest opportunities, events and careers in STEM.

This original 30 minute program airs throughout Time Warner Cable service areas and is available On Demand for TWC video customers. Full episodes of the show are also available to view here on connectamillionminds.com.


Adam is the technology reporter for NY1 News and all of Time Warner Cable's 24-hour-news channels. In addition to hosting It Ain't Rocket Science, he has a bi-weekly tech segment in which he covers all the latest gadgets, digital services, and news in the world of technology. Adam also has a bi-weekly "App Wrap" for rounding up many of the coolest, most innovative and useful mobile apps new to the market.

Adam has been fascinated with "cutting-edge technology" since 1983, when his family bought one of the first personal computers available (a Franklin Ace 1000).

Learn more about Adam’s love of technology by visiting CAMM News.