Why Connect a Million Minds?

America’s ability to use technology and innovation to solve problems has been the foundation for our nation’s quality of life, security and prosperity, yet as recent studies have shown, the decline in young people’s interest, especially among underrepresented youth, in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and careers threatens that foundation.

In 2009 Time Warner Cable (TWC) launched a new philanthropic initiative, Connect a Million Minds (CAMM), that challenged parents, mentors and others to connect over one million students to after-school STEM activities to address this “inspiration gap”. To date, TWC has provided cash and in-kind investments far in excess of its original $100 million commitment to inspire student interest in STEM. In May 2014, together with its partners, TWC exceeded its goal of connecting one million students to STEM opportunities and today, continues connecting students to high quality STEM learning opportunities.

How We Do It

From original public service announcements to innovative non-profit partnerships, Time Warner Cable takes a comprehensive approach to inspire the next generation of problem solvers.

Demonstrate Issue Leadership
Forge Partnerships
Activate Employeees
Raise Awareness
Engage Parents Online
Launch National Campaigns
Impact Local Communities

What You Can Do

You can help inspire the next generation of problem solvers by taking these three easy steps online and in your neighborhood.

First, take the Pledge
Connect young people to hands-on learning opportunities.
Then, search our Connectory
See what kid-friendly STEM opportunities are available in your area.

Advisory Board Members

board member
Joshua Schuler
Invention Education
Expert & Advocate
board member
Jodi Grant
Executive Director of the
Afterschool Alliance
board member
Dean Kamen
President & CEO, DEKA Research &
Development and founder, FIRST
board member
Margaret Honey
PhD., President & CEO, New York
Hall of Science